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We are running a track day (actually a half-day!) at Cadwell Park on Saturday 15th November.

Outline timetable:
7:30-8:30 Registration in Club House and Noise Testing
8:30-9:00 Drivers' Briefing
9:00-13:00 Open Pit Lane

We can take a maximum of 55 cars with 31 on the track at any one time.
Passengers (aged 15 and over) are allowed.

Message from the organisers

Following the weather problems (mist drastically reducing visibility) last Saturday that meant the track day could not be run on the grounds of health and safety, we are pleased to announce that after consultation with the Cadwell Circuit owners, we are able to issue a credit to all first drivers from whom a payment has been received and cleared into our bank account. The credit is to the value paid less a 10% administration charge to cover expenses incurred in processing entry forms.

That credit may be used towards the cost of the NHMC track day next November which as this year will be held the day before the 2015 NHMC Cadwell Stages Rally. The track day may be at a slightly higher charge than in 2014, because MSV's charges to track day operators have an annual increase applied.

In the case of second drivers and passengers whose payment has cleared in full to NHMC, because these second drivers and passengers may not be the same in 2015 as in 2014 a full refund will be made to them where we have contact details.

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