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All journalists, photographers and cameramen must complete an MSV Media Accreditation Application Form supplied by Cadwell Park, accompanied by the relevant supporting documentation set out in the MSV Media Accreditation Application information. These forms are available on request from MSV's Marketing and PR Department. These forms must be completed and submitted no later than the Monday preceding the Event.

Additionally, all media must sign-on the Motorsport UK signing-on sheets with the event organisers.

Only accredited photographers wearing an identifiable tabard issued to them by MSV are entitled to enter otherwise restricted areas of Cadwell Park.

Photographers must stay behind barriers and must not cross the circuit at any point or at any time unless authorised to do so by Club or MSV officials. Accredited photographers (with Motorsport UK level 2 accrediation) must only access restricted areas using official access gates and must not climb over any fences or gates.

The Circuit Rally Championship requires an exclusivity period of two weeks over any signed-on media footage taken on the rally, this is to ensure that the content is not diluted and to protect the huge media investment. There are some limited exemptions to this - if you do not know that you have an exemption then you are probably not entitled to one. If you are in any doubt, you should contact the championship co-ordinator.

Note that a championship requirement is: only SMJ Photography and the official event photographer can retail photos to competitors. If any other signed on photographer is found to retail photos to competitors, then a 80% royalties fee will be charged.

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